Monday, January 22, 2007

Old Testament Survey

And since I had all my notes out, I went ahead and put together the:

Old Testament Quiz

I think this one is much easier. I'm posting the key below. No cheating! Take the quiz first! ;-)

1. The Book of Job contains a historic reference to what animal?

· Dinosaurs. (Job 40:15-24)

2. The flood that Noah and his family survived lasted:

· The rain lasted 40 days and 40 nights. But the Flood lasted 371 days. – Even then, it would have taken countless years for the waters to reach anything close to current levels. The world was never the same afterwards, either. Mountains had risen, valleys had sunk, “waters of the deep” (underground reservoirs) had burst open, and continents had begun drifting apart.

3. The Garden of Eden:

· Was destroyed by The Flood. I’m amazed at how many people (including my husband!) think the Garden is still there, guarded by an Angel as it was when they were banished. If the Flood was indeed a world-wide flood, destroying everything and covering even the tallest mountains by 22-1/2 feet, then there is no way the Garden is still there. For the record, though, it was originally located in Mesopotamia. However because of the way the Flood would have altered landscapes and rivers, it is impossible to know the exact location any longer.

4. How long was Joseph in Egypt before being reunited with his brothers, who had sold him into slavery?

· 37 years.

5. How old was Moses when he led the Israelites out of Egypt?

· 80 years old. – He was 40 when he fled Egypt; 80 when he returned and led the Children of Israel out; and 120 when he died, just before they entered the Promised Land. You’ll recall that they actually reached the Promised Land pretty quickly after leaving Egypt, but had to turn away from it when their fears, doubts and suspicions condemned them to wandering for 40 years in the desert before being allowed into the land of Israel.

6. Seventy-Five people moved to Egypt when Joseph rescued his family from the famine in 1875 B.C. How many Israelites did Moses rescue from Egypt in 1445 B.C.?

· 2 million – 2.5 million! – No wonder Pharaoh was so worried about this massive, foreign population in their land!

7. How did David kill Goliath?

· He cut off Goliath's head with Goliath's own sword. – He used a slingshot and one, smooth stone to knock Goliath down. But he used Goliath’s own sword to cut off his head and kill him.

8. Jephthah, the Judge, showed amazing idiocy when he vowed to God that he'd sacrifice the first thing that came out of his house when he returned from war. What came out of his house?

· His daughter, who asked for time to mourn her virginity. – This is one of my favorite Bible stories, as it illustrates the fact that even great men are capable of being complete idiots. When his daughter was informed what her father had stupidly promised God (Who, by the way, despises human sacrifices), she asked to have time to go off and “mourn her virginity” before dying. The story ends there and we’re never told if she actually was killed, or if she ran off with a shepherd boy up in the mountains. My money is on her not being sacrificed.

9. "Where you go, I will go...your people will be my people.." is a beautiful statement made to:

· A widowed mother-in-law by her widowed daughter-in-law, who was begging the Jewish mother-in-law to take her along to Israel. - After Naomi’s husband and two sons died, she headed back to Israel with her two daughters-in-law. She talked one of her daughters-in-law into returning home where she would have hope of finding a husband. But Ruth replied with that famous quote, “Don't urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if anything but death separates you and me.” In the remarkable story that follows, we learn that Ruth did eventually remarry, was King David’s great-grandmother, and is included in Christ’s lineage.

10. Which book of the Bible never directly mentions God?

· Esther – One of my favorite books of the Bible, with a fantastic historical setting in Persia, but God is never directly mentioned by name. Instead we see God’s hand directing circumstances very clearly so that God’s people are saved. This story always reminds me of the expression, “Coincidence is when God works a miracle but remains anonymous.”


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